Friday, May 2, 2014

Full Magpul MOE AK

Canis Design Group is broadening their product selection to offer full Magpul furniture capability. Of course there are options on the market to slap on a MOE Stock with several adapters available for M4 Buttstocks including Canis Design Group's own Universal AK Stock Adapter. Magpul is already rolling out their own AK Grip along with an PMAG AK MOE. 

Canis Design Group MOE Handguard Adapter
Canis Design Group is now offering an AK MOE Handguard Adapter. The version shown here adapted to fit a VEPR V1 or V2 rifle. The handguard is modified to work in conjunction with the adapter, so this won't be a standalone part in its current iteration. There are plenty of AR-15 Manufacturers equipping their rifles with Magpul furniture, could we see the same setup for AK consumers soon? For additional information on the AK MOE Hadguard Adapter visit

VEPR MOE Handguard Adapter Set

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