Sunday, May 11, 2014

Breach Bang Clear Improves: As if it could get worse...

The old adage, you can't polish a turd, may ring true in this case, however you can't fault the Mad Duo for making an attempt to look more presentable. Breach Bang Clear has undergone a reformation that even Martin Luther would give a pat on the back. Of course there is always burning at the stake if the folks that run this abomination are ever caught. I am not quite sure if they are looking to create an online magazine or some means of propaganda to force people to head back to the newsstands for actual gun prawn™. Perhaps its some kind of disinformation campaign on the internet from the publishers of Guns and Ammo.

I mean are we to believe that action figures really write this horribly. I am sure their wives are proud watching them with tweezers and a MultiCam Cerakoted jeweler's loupe putting a faux plate carrier on a doll. Look at their latest article on the "Law Tactical AKuracy Rear Sight" for instance. How many fart and dick jokes can you write and still expect to be considered a legitimate publication? We all know Law Tactical hit one out of the park with their AR Folding Stock Adapter, so you would think they would have a bit more discerning taste on whom they let review their new product. 

In all seriousness Breach Bang Clear does a stellar job at getting you the updates you need on gear, guns, girls, firearms training, and random yarns about some dude making emergency bathroom stops while out on his daily jog. My personal favorite piece by the way. They did a great job revamping the website and are providing top quality content as usual. Perhaps a few hippies get offended from time to time, but that just means they are getting the job done. Go "like" the Breach Bang Clear Facebook Page to make sure you receive the latest updates and be sure to leave your witty response to some caption whore photo of a donkey riding a soldier. You are bound to win some sort of communicable disease off the prize they send you. Dolls, really...

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