Friday, May 23, 2014

A Different View on Handgun Training

Monderno has a great look at "Vision Under Stress" written by Aaron Cowan from Sage Dynamics Firearms Training. The first paragraph had us hooked and it definitely gives a great perspective on the wide range of variables to consider when properly training for self defense with a handgun.

I remember that it took forever to clear my shirt off my gun, I yanked up on it so hard with my off hand, just like I had been trained, that the bottom buttons were torn right off the shirt. I found my gun and drew, my first round was from the hip. The shot was low; hit him just above the waist. I think I expected him to go down, stupid thinking that now, but I didn’t know much about what bullets did and didn’t do when they hit the body. He shot before or just after I drew, I didn’t feel it hit me, didn’t think it did. I just pressed out and fired. They told me later I fired 12 rounds. 

I was moving and pulling, trying to get to some sort of cover. I thought there was something wrong, like I was shooting squibs or something, I didn’t hear anything. All I could see was his weapon, then nothing. He was down, sort of slumped against the wall, leaning on the edge of a shelf. I reloaded on programming. It wasn’t anything like I had expected it would be. I never once saw my sights, can’t remember my grip, my stance, anything. All the range training I had up to that point may have helped me, but I couldn’t tell you how.

 -K.P., UC Officer, when asked about his first shooting

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