Saturday, April 5, 2014

Working Within the Confines: NY Compliant AR

The old cliche quote, "Necessity is the Mother of Invention" rings true with the latest rifle from Black Rain Ordnance. It is not a new concept to make a state compliant AR-15. Many manufacturers have three or four different rifles that are state specific. Windham Weaponry for instance has models for California, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. It seems laughable, but business is business and why leave out a market in some of the more populous states. Black Rain Ordnance is making the media rounds with the NY Compliant rifle seen below. Sure there are a lot of compromises, but one can see the potential for typical use. 

Some may say these manufacturers are compromising their values for money and there are companies that simply won't sell rifles in specific states for this reason. However, the fight for less gun control is continually evolving and if it means providing residents of states with firearms that meet their current laws then this seems like a reasonable compromise till cooler heads prevail.

Sure the legalities regarding different features are laughable and serve no purpose for safety. We have already seen how hilarious and inane ATF rulings are on what classifies different features. Its refreshing to see manufacturers take them for a ride and prove how goofy their reasoning can be. Until residents of semi-sort of ban states can purchase semi-automatic rifles that are practical then we are sure there will be plenty of firearms manufacturers willing to provide whatever is the next best thing possible within the confines of the law. has some great coverage on the Black Rain Ordnance rifles that will be rolling out to New Yorkers, so they can remain legal with their new AR-15 and AR-10 platform rifles. 

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