Tuesday, April 1, 2014

U.S. Army Testing Jungle Boots

The United State Army has announced that they will begin testing Jungle Boots this Summer in the lead up to offer a model in conjunction with the pivot toward the Pacific. They will looking for lightweight options that can drain and dry quickly. It must also breathe well in hot humid climates. The outsole must provide a great grip in wet muddy conditions and the upper must be durable to withstand continual exposure to water. Rigorous testing will be conducted on prototypes provided by vendors in order to develop the Jungle boot. They are showing off the selection below, which appears to be a variant of the Rocky S2V Jungle Boot as one example of the options they are testing. 

Jungle Boot

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  1. The boot shown would last 5 minutes in the jungle. It is too flimsy and the stitching connecting the sole to the upper would be the first thing to fail.