Monday, April 21, 2014


We were sent out a few TRAYVAX wallets to give an impression on the innovative design to carry your means of payment and identification. I was skeptical at first given my affinity for a simple leather wallet that worked just fine over the years. There are many products out there that promise a lot and in the scheme of things deliver little or are simply manufactured with crappy materials and imported for cheap consumption.

Trayvax Wallet
The Trayvax is manufactured in the USA with 6061 Aluminum and power coated aluminum. It is lightweight and provides a simple means to carry your credit cards, cash, and possibly your cell phone if not too girthy. My Droid RAZR was a bit too large. A nylon sleeve and cords pull the two-part metal frame tight and is secured with hook and loop. There is a hook that is integrated into the metal frame as a bottle opener, as well as finger grooves that allow you to utilize the wallet to suspend grocery bags.
Trayvax Open
In addition to being lightweight, the Trayvax is very low profile for a slim fit into a front pocket. The nylon sleeve easily secures your cash, while you can fit multiple cards within the frame. You can pull the sleeve as tight as you want, but there is a happy medium of keeping your cards from falling out while being able to easily slide them in and out. A slot is cut into the frame for easy thumb placement on the card for quick removal. The Bottle opener works as one would expect with little dickering. I did give the grocery bag carry a try and could care less about the feature. It works, but I would rather just loop the bags along my arm and lug them in the house as if I was trying to compete in some bizarre strong man competition. Additional features include a carabiner clip attached to a hole stamped in the frame for retention and a simple pull handle on one end of the Trayvax.

Trayvax Card Slot
I have had the Trayvax for a month now and will be utilizing it exclusively as my wallet. Its a simple lightweight minimalist design that is Made in the USA, so its hard not to like. Its also RFID Resistant, so you don't have to worry about stranger danger picking up your personal information in passing. Some might want it for a conversation starter or just a different modern approach.  I could care less about either of those aspects and like the basic utility. You can pick one up in Black, Blue, Grey, or Silver at  

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