Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New Products Showcased at NRA Annual Exhibits from Umarex USA

FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS (APRIL 22, 2014) - On April 25th, the 143rd National Rifle Association's Annual Meeting and Exhibits opens in Indianapolis, Indiana. Umarex USA will display many of their airgun products including their new items for 2014 in booth number 7865.

Umarex NRA Special Edition Colt 1911
Attendees will see the Umarex Fuel air rifle with integrated bi-pod and the TDP TAC – a new Umarex- action pistol. Ruger air rifles will be represented by the break barrel Targis and the new Targis Hunter .22. The Umarex commitment to realism in airgun replicas continues with display of the new Walther PPS, Beretta Mod. 84FS, Mini UZI Carbine, Colt Python, and Colt Commander. Reaching into the past, Umarex will also be showing off a couple of legendary models, the C96 and Makarov Ultra.

Don’t miss visiting booth 7865, where Umarex will display the NRA Special Edition Colt 1911 CO2 Powered BB pistol that offers extreme realism in a limited collectible edition.  With all metal construction and blowback action, this impressive handgun offers a 19-round drop free magazine and a velocity up to 325 feet per second.

NRA Special Edition Colt 1911 Airgun
Umarex USA will have more than 70 airgun, and airgun related products on display with some models available to shoot in the airgun range. Many who attend will see why Umarex USA is one of North America's fastest growing sport and recreation gun companies.

Umarex USA designs, develops, and markets sport shooting products under the RWS, Walther, Hämmerli, Beretta, Colt, Smith & Wesson, HK, Ruger®, Browning, Makarov, Tactical Force, Magnum Research, and Combat Zone brands. Umarex USA offers world-class products for multiple product categories including adult airguns and air rifles, BB and pellet pistols, air soft guns, specialized airgun optics, performance airgun ammunition, airgun accessories, and tactical training paintball guns. For more information visit

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