Sunday, April 13, 2014

Makeshift Rocket Stove

We can dig some lightweight solutions to get a good fire going out in the wilderness. There are multiple options out on the market, but sometimes simple means make for some of the best results. Having a good stove that you can get going quickly and with limited resources can make for a much more enjoyable experience away from civilization, plus limited weight is always preferable over lugging around fuel on top of girthy components. 

DIY Lightweight Stove
Our friends over at Breach Bang Clear shared the method to their madness in providing a great DIY stove option you can string together down at your friendly neighborhood hardware store. I could also see slapping a good charcoal chimney together with this same concept and saving a few bucks over something pre-made. Check out the full instructions or just eyeball some more photos and figure it out for yourself without reading at

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