Friday, April 11, 2014

HyperStealth Introduces INVISIB

Just last month we reported on HyperStealth looking to make a commercial version of their Quantum Stealth light bending camouflage. They have now announced that the U.S. Military has given them the go ahead to move ahead with the release of HyperStealth INVISIB. This commercial variant of Quantum Stealth will be available to the public, while another variant with more confidential features will be offered to Law Enforcement agencies and military forces. Furthermore, a classified option will be offered to select US and Canadian Special Operations Forces.

HyperStealth INVISIB
Their next step in offering INVISIB is to obtain IP rights to their designs prior to releasing any product to the public as it is noted they could not previously do so given its classified status in Canada, but can in the U.S. with this approval. HyperStealth would not elaborate on what functions would or would not be included in the initial commercial offering, but they did confirm that the target for promotion would be the outdoor market including hunters, as well as LEO and Military until further variants are available specifically for them. 

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