Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hyde Definition Introduces PenCott-BlackOps

We have been waiting in anticipation for Hyde Definition to release a new variant to their PenCott Multi Environment Camouflage family of patterns and they did not disappoint this time. They are bringing their game to a whole new level. We have provided their full release below. 

With our innovative PenCott™ family of patterns Hyde Definition aims to provide the most effective multi-environment camouflage schemes available on the commercial and military markets.  

The PenCott™ patterns are unique in the way they combine the best of analogue and digital camouflage design principles, and include the following unique features and advantages:
  • 3-in-1 / 360° pattern geometry - the inclusion of large, medium and small fractal shapes makes the patterns effective at close, mid, and long range.
  • Depth + Blending + Disruption - the combination of multi-sized fractal shapes, high-difference boundaries and hypoacuitive dithering creates the illusion of depth and disrupts the shape of the wearer.
  • Complex tones and textures - the complex pattern textures and tones deliver superior disruption and lending performance than other patterns.
Hyde Definition PenCott Black Ops
Hyde Definition now announces our long-awaited “urban” pattern - PenCott-BlackOps™ - first seen as a sneak-preview for SPARTANAT at the IWA exhibition in Nuremberg (in the photo below our Director of Business Development and Marketing, Lawrence Holsworth, is wearing a Tactical Polo in PenCott-BlackOps™.

PenCott-BlackOps in Action
Designed specifically for law enforcement, government agency and military special operations units – as well functionally extremely well as a “lifestyle pattern” – PenCott-BlackOps™ enables the tactical operator to operationally own the night and dominate the fight.  The darkness of the PenCott-BlackOps™ pattern will compliment units’ existing black kit and is also the ideal pattern for the blackest of black ops.  Whether you’re a down-range or downtown operator – PenCott-BlackOps™ is the perfect pattern for disappearing into the shadows of the man-made landscape, and for projecting a an intimidating, show-of-force image to visually and psychologically dominate your opponents.

PenCott-BlackOps™ is the first truly universal / global pattern that operationally enhances the tactical operator's ability to own the night and dominate the fight.  That's why we call it "Mission Critical Camouflage". For further updated visit:

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