Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Heizer Defense Pocket AR?

We don't blame manufacturers for taking liberties with the AR marketing, but this may be quite the stretch. There are plenty of .223 Rem chambered firearms on the market that exist with out the need to tag on the Armalite origination of the AR-10 and AR-15 platform rifles. Now Heizer Defense will be releasing the PAR1, which is being touted as a Pocket AR Pistol in .223 the size of an iPhone.

Heizer Defense PAR1
Heizer Defense points out that the PAR1 Pocket AR will feature the same ambi controls as the PS1 shown, which accepts .45 Colt or .410 shotgun shells. It will also only be .7" wide and fit in your pocket, so we assume a somewhat similar design with what they claim offers a smooth trigger pull. The PAR1 is constructed with a stainless steel frame, radiussed grop and the trigger is on roller bearings. The barrel can be removed with the Ambi latch release. We also assume it will be quite the pull and experience when firing off a .223 round. While, we are sure it will be interesting for novelty sake, a single shot "AR" that you can throw in your pocket is an interesting stretch, just as much as its namesake. Nonetheless if one simply fell into our hand, we would gladly give it a go just for the sake of science as we would like to call it. The PAR1 Pocket AR Pistol will retail for around $450-$500 and will be on hand at the NRA Annual Meeting with Heizer Defense in Booth #6274.

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