Sunday, April 6, 2014

Crye Precision Tactical Fashion: Precision Pant

Rag and Bone has teamed up with Crye Precision for a collaboration on some fashionable cargo pants. The Precision Pant is a motorcycle inspired pant. You can certainly see the Crye influence at the pockets and adjustable knee. 

Rag and Bone Precision Pant
The Precision Pant also features adjustable Velcro leg cuffs and large cargo pockets. The pants are manufactured with 80% Cotton and 20% Linen. They are designated as an Outdoor Endurance Pant and may prove well as such with the lightweight fabric blend. We are intrigued by the fashion concept, but may option for a few pair of Crye Combat Pants in lieu of the designer styling price point. The Precision Pant is available in light green at

Precision Pant


  1. FIVE hundred dollars for a pair of 100% cotton, non fire retardant pant? Uh, Rag-Bone? GET REAL!!!!

  2. 500 Dollars?? Disgusting!