Thursday, April 24, 2014

ARC LOK Mounting System from Manticore Arms

Manticore Arms was first to market with an aftermarket handguard replacement for the TAVOR SAR rifle with their ARClight rail. They have now introduced a means to mount any Picatinny Rail compatible accessory to your bullpup with their new ARC LOK mouning system. We have provided their full release below. 
ARC LOK Mounting System
Manticore Arms proud to announce our Patent Pending ARC LOK mounting system for the ARClight series of rails! The ARC LOK system provides a quick, easy, and seamless method to mount accessories to your ARClight rail slot system without any need to access the opposite side of the ARClight surface! In addition, an integral lug system transfers all the load from the accessory directly to the rail, and does not depend on friction or just the fastener to hold it on. To show you how the ARC LOK system works, we have attached some pictures and included the following short video.

ARC LOK System
The ARC LOK system is currently in production, and all ARClight rail segments and accessories shipping from now on will be featuring the ARC LOK system! Keep an eye out at

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