Friday, March 21, 2014

Whiskey Two-Four Combat Shirts

Another local Phoenix company just released a great looking combat shirt with a version for men as well as one for the ladies. You can see both versions below with A-TACS FG 50/50 NYCO Sleeves and a solid 80/20 Nylon/Spandex Baselayer torso.The bicep pockets feature their own laser cut Hypalon pull tabs.

Men's Advanced  Shirt
The Advanced Shirt features elbow pad inserts as well as hook and loop adjustable cuff with elastic to take up the slack. The Women's model simply has a different cut to fit the contours of a lady. Whiskey Two-Four will be releasing their new combat shirt design this coming June with all products Made in the USA at 

Women's Advanced Shirt


  1. Where can this be bought?

  2. I will admit it was late when I put this up. The URL is now added. You can contact them through there for updates as it is not currently listed.