Saturday, March 15, 2014

So Much for Rule of Law

I was out having a succulent Chinese meal when I got the news that Ares Armor was raided. Monderno broke the story earlier today pointing out an instagram released by our friend Jeremy Tuma, the COO of Ares Armor. After finishing up my crab wonton, I figured I would see what was the latest. Here is some video footage from the raid at their new National City store.

Apparently the ATF can't keep the good guys down according to this latest instagram from Jeremy. Needless to say, we will be following up with the latest developments and wish our friends well. Be sure to contact your Congressmen both district Rep. and Senators in support of Ares Armor against the clear disregard from the ATF for the rule of law. This latest action gives more reason than ever. If you have experienced and sound legal advice, send it to 


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  2. my reps and sen..are Marxist they only vote the way obama tells them to...I have NO representation in this country....forewarned..and ready..Fl.......imho

  3. The fascists are coming! The fascists are coming!

  4. Wrong.....The fascists are HERE......The fascists are HERE!