Sunday, March 23, 2014

Phantom Bogey: Ghost Army of the 21st Century

HyperStealth is certainly introducing a lot of interesting technology that they claim to have developed. The Phantom Bogey is one product that can elevate the Ghost Army of WWII with 21st Century Technology. Guy Cramer best compares his new technology to the solid hologram concept with the end result providing a whole new level of deception to whomever the enemy may be. 

Ghost Army Inflatable Tank
Courtesy: National Archives
Phantom Bogey promises to offer full scale decoys that look and move just like the actual object being replicated. The most interesting aspect is its ability to show up on sensors and also reflect a laser target designator, so not only does it show in the visual spectrum, but also provides a certain level of reaction to be detected. HyperStealth notes that, Guy Cramer utilizes light manipulation to create a false target at a low cost and with minimal power and weight. The Ghost Army provided a force multiplier with actual soldiers putting their lives at risk deceiving the enemy into thinking they were thirty times the size of their actual numbers in some incidents. This Phantom Bogey could operate independently of direct contact providing deception without the possibility for loss of life. 

HyperStealth provides five scenarios to consider the capabilities of the Phantom Bogey. You can read all of these and keep up on future developments at

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