Monday, March 31, 2014

MIL Sistemika Navigation and Ballistic Calculator Android Software

Two New Android based Apps are being offered by MIL Sistemika as demilitarized versions of more extensive products developed for military use.  These include the PES (Personal Eye System)  and the BALKI (Sniper Calculator). 

The PES is a public version of an Android app developed for their dismounted soldier program with the Call for Fire and JTAC features removed to avoid any export issues. It provides personal tracking, asset tracking, military navigation, and tactical data sharing  for military, police, and other protection services. The app offers both land and sea navigation and allows for awareness of locationing of friendly forces as well as Common Operational Picture sharing. The system was developed by active soldiers as a means to combine the services of multiple tools including GPS, Mapping, Cell Phone, and information sharing. 

MIL Sistemika PES (Personal Eye System)
Some of the final features integrated on the Personal Eye System include: Online/Offline multilayer map support, Choice of GIS component (civilan or MIL), Full device and data encryption, Navigation (tracks, routes), Blue Force tracking, Automatic report generation, Grid conversions (UTM, MGRS,DMS), COP sharing over 2G/3G and WiFi, Integrates with SATCOM or VHF, Works on Android 2.3 or newer, Works on Phones, pads, tablets, and on dedicated MIL STD hardware.

PES Navigation
The BALKI Sniper Calculator is a ballistic calculator that was developed in conjunction with Slovenian and Italian Special Forces as well as Slovenian Police Special Forces. Any shooter can benefit from its capabilities of providing accurate shot calculation, range estimation and mil dot calculation, Coriolis and Spin Drift Calculation, Laser Range finder and Kestrel Weather Station integration, as well as a sniper log book for DOPE. All shot parameters are provided on one screen for quick reference.

BALKI Sniper Calculator
Weapon, scope, and ammo data can be entered into the Sniper Calculator App and alternated holding all other variables constant. An all around approach is included to ensure that all data is considered when putting a shot on target, so that current Smart Phone technology can be utilized to the shooters advantage out in the field. Both the PES and Sniper Calculator Apps from MIL Sistemika can be downloaded direct at Google Play

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