Wednesday, March 19, 2014

LandCamo ABD SERE and MAMMUT Available

Previously the LandCamo ABD SERE and MAMMUT Patterns were under a licensing agreement, but you can now order 35/65 Poly/Cotton and 100% Cotton Fabric in either of the camouflage patterns. You can also expect 500D Cordura Nylon available in July. Ordering is available at

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  1. In my opinion the best patterns ever with only Pencott in the same league. But i see the Landcamo patterns more flexible for more environmental shades than Pencott. And with SERE they got a very good transitional one. As good as it is possible. Even better than Multicam. And the other patterns are coming with a very usefull grading to choose the best for your own environments. If there are no deserts, I can start with MAMMUT and if there are more rocky environment I have with GORA a almost perfect choice and with J√ĄGER its the same in environments with mostly woods. At least ALPINE is a very good winter pattern like snowdrift from Pencott. I appreciate they designed a complete family missing neither a transitional pattern (like Pencott) nor a winter pattern (like A-TACS) nor good variants for the different environments (like multicam who only throw their stuff in single colour buckets).