Saturday, March 15, 2014

Invisibility Cloak for the Masses

Its always fun to consider what one could accomplish under the veil of invisibility. One might contemplate this as a priceless ability on par with unpaid participants in comic books. HyperStealth has now announced that they are considering a release of their Quantum Stealth technology to the commercial world in the event that the U.S. Military decides to not utilize the light bending material. 

This is an interesting revelation considering in the same announcement HyperStealth reiterates that the U.S. Military has taken measures to incorporate funding in the FY2015 budget to further develop Quantum Stealth. They point at the Congress measures to halt the use of future camouflage patterns as a major concern. Legalities may block the development of their technologies based on terminology utilized in legislation regarding new camouflage being adopted by all services if it is to be considered a viable option. 

HyperStealth further expounds that they do not want to take their product to the commercial market, but they are a business and as you know its hard to feed your family with camouflage patterns alone. They point out, "This material cannot be seen visually (nor the target it is hiding) and current optical technology is not going to help you find them either in the day or night – now that’s a scary world.”

HyperStealth announced they will release a "dumbed down" version for commercial use that will exceed the capability of anything on the market and that their Canadian based company is not beholden to U.S. Military restrictions in the event that the don't arrange for further developments. They even note that they have lost business with a large country since they would not tie in the use of Quantum Stealth with the camouflage pattern that would have been adopted. 

Upon initial analysis this seems like a viable argument to be had, but it is interesting that they are making it a public discussion. One could venture that this is a great means to advertise the commercial viability of Quantum Stealth given the prior perceived inaccessibility, since one would assume such invisibility technology would be bound to governmental regulation and exclusive use. Obviously this was the intention of HyperStealth from the start and perhaps rightly so given the perception given of its capabilities. 

We have Not seen the product in use, but HyperStealth's Guy Cramer has been more open to showing the technology to those outside government circles including our friend Jack Murphy over at SOFREP. You can read his full article at the Business Insider in which he says it is better than Predator camouflage in reference to the classic '80s flick. Now we would normally consider such statements blasphemy, but I guess it is possible for some advancement over the past 27 years. Yes, I did look up the year the movie was released on google and did not memorize it from countless daily viewings. 

Back to the subject at hand, we don't know what Guy Cramer has up his sleeve. We would say we offered him a dinner during SHOT Show at a top steak house followed by other zany Vegas antics as some type of enhancement to see some Quantum Stealth footage, but clearly Jack Murphy has access to a much more elaborate budget and venues of entertainment. Jesting aside we hoped to see the Quantum Stealth technology in action on Live Leak with some Afghan insurgents magically tripping as their shoelaces as they were tied together by some invisible operators or perhaps a slightly more intriguing disaster upon them. 

As it turns out we may just see the dudes on Duck Dynasty put on Harry Potter's cloak as part of some TV producer's wet dream, followed by some bearded fellow sneaking upon a drake (under complete concealment*) for some new world aquatic sport. If the Army can't get their act together and take part in the greatest camouflage technology of the 21st Century then this is the dumbed down conclusion one can expect. Or at least that is how we see it being billed to light a fire under someone's ass. 

*censored by editor


  1. Actually, Jack Murphy didn't say that he saw the Quantam Stealth camouflage; he saw videos purporting to be of the said camouflage. There is a big difference. If it truly existed as Mr. Cramer says, I'm sure Mr. Cramer would have shown Jack the actual camouflage, not an artist's deception as we see in Hyperstealth's still photos.

    1. Sorry, I don't walk around the Shot Show with samples of Quantum Stealth.

    2. Why not? It is fabric, you could fold it up and put it in your pocket. And who is to see the invisible? The great advantage of showing the actual fabric to people is that all those who think you have nothing will be converted by touching and handling it. At present, "The Emperor (still) has no clothes!"

  2. Not carrying light bending material around Shot Show is about security, it is not about convincing a skeptic like yourself. Those that have needed to handle the material have done so.

  3. LOL @ Guy Cramer. You lost your credible with those ion generators and now you expect that we believe you. Do not bring that "those who need to know have seen it work" shit to this conversation, because you don't have anybody to proof that you have this working technology. You don't have competence to work with such technology. I call this biggest scam in military technology until I see working prototype or hear it from somebody that have seen it working.