Saturday, March 1, 2014

HyperStealth Quantum Stealth Approved for U.S. Military Development

While, the U.S. Army is dithering over a decision on their next camouflage pattern, HyperStealth has announced that the Defence Research and Development Canada has approved development of their light bending material, Quantum Stealth for initial use by U.S. Military Special Operations Forces. They also note that the U.S. Military has budgeted for this development in the FY 2015 R&D budget in conjunction with the Memorandum of Understanding. 

Quantum Stealth
In exchange the Canadian Department of National Defense will have access to the technological development and findings from the U.S. cooperation in its development. Perhaps all this hubbub over the perfect camouflage is all for naught if all you needs are some light bending uniforms providing the ultimate concealment. There is a lot of buzz concerning the technology, but it seems there would be much more with a real world demonstration. Assuredly people would believe it when they don't see it. 

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