Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Georgia Securing Gun Rights

There have been a lot of State wins for gun rights admidst a plethora of attacks across the nation. You can take the good with the bad as you keep up the fight to ensure that every U.S. Citizen has equal rights no matter what state they reside. Georgia legislators are standing up for their citizens by bringing back some of the rights hampered by the current laws on the books. 

Your state can alter the language of state laws to match up with those given by the U.S. Constitution. We are seeing it within Arizona as well as several other states across this nation. Of course you will have the Anti-2A groups looking to demonize guns and take away your rights, but it is becoming apparent that their efforts are merely raising awareness for what needs to truly be done to clarify what it means to not be infringed upon. Georgia HB60 is a shining example of what needs to be done in many states. RECOIL has a great breakdown, so you can see what exactly is in the bill with plain language that is easy to comprehend. Check out the full details at 

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