Thursday, March 13, 2014

G2 Research Fires Back

We tried to avoid getting into any commentary regarding the overstated controversialness that is the  R.I.P. Round, but sometimes things get restless in the crazy cousin corner and you have to reign in the goofiness. RECOIL ran a great piece on the newly hyped ammunition providing the latest video coverage from the company showing the effectiveness of their ammo. They cover the typical talking points and note more interesting analysis when it comes to selecting what you are going to feed your pistol. We had watched the different videos out there with various testing along with the gotcha pieces. Surely this new information is something to consider in an all around analysis, but in the scheme of things can this response just put the back and forth to rest? There is no magic bullet, but you can find something that works as the best bang for your buck. See the full coverage at

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