Friday, March 21, 2014

Caveat Emptor: Dark Ops LLC. Closes Up Shop Over Mislabeled Imports

Everyone should be aware by now that not all optics are created equally and you get what you pay form. You should also know there are many counterfeits or mislabeled products out there making the buyer think they are getting more than what they are in reality. Dark Ops, LLC has clearly learned the hard way according to their account see below. Buy from reputable companies and research the product taking the place of your hard earned money. If it seems too good to be true then you may want to triple guess your purchase.

Dark Ops, LLC has been the exclusive distributor of a high quality line of firearm optics, Counter Sniper Optics, all purchased from the New York based company known as Pyramont North America, Inc owned by James G. Bonis ‘Jim’.

In late February of this year, Dark Ops Holdings LLC was contacted by representatives of the Department of Homeland Security regarding Counter Sniper Optics.  Dark Ops immediately provided complete cooperation with the authorities regarding its entire line of optical devices and the information provided to it by the manufacturer and marketing company. Through out the entire time Dark Ops has sold these optics, it was always represented by Pyramont North America  that it was the owner of Counter Sniper Optics, that it was the manufacturer, these scopes were made with the finest German glass and assembled in Rochester, New York. The marketing of these scopes was controlled by Pyramont North America and represented to Dark Ops and the public as American made products.  Dark Ops was shocked to learn that Pyramont North America had engaged in deceptive practices, had imported the optics and intentionally and repeatedly mislead Dark Ops owners, its employees and the general public as to the actual country of origin.

On March 12, 2014, a federally issued search warrant resulted in the seizure of Counter Sniper Optics and other assets of Pyramont North America, Inc.

Dark Ops is currently examining its options to seek redress for the conduct of Pyramont North America and its owner.   All owners/dealers/distributors of Counter Sniper Optics seeking further information or having warranty claims, returns, refunds, and excess inventory questions should contact Pyramont North America directly.

Pryamont North America’s contact information:

Address: 170 Kenwick Dr. Rochester, NY 14623

Phone Numbers:
585-208-9647 direct

Email addresses:

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