Sunday, March 16, 2014

ATF Safe Crackers at Ares Armor

It is certainly interesting to see how the ATF conducts their business. There was video running, while they raided the Ares Armor shop in National City. It shouldn't be too shocking to see ATF agents hammering their way into a safe as one would expect them to want to gain entry. If anything it is a mere testament to the technology available to record such actions and see these things happen in practical real time without the potential for censorship. Unfortunately it may be the case that arbitrary decisions make such actions possible. There are several other observations we made from this video, but we will allow you to make them for yourself without further commentary. 


  1. I just went threw the same thing Jan 22nd with these jack boot thugs ,I'm out on bond awaiting trial

  2. Gestapo liberal Nazi fucks with badges and guns. Pieces of shit don't care because they think they are safe from tyranny themselves.

  3. Fucking thugs in uniform.