Wednesday, March 19, 2014

ATF Quote of the Century: That Violates the Officer's Privacy

We have been mum lately in regard to the Ares Armor situation with the ATF simply because there have not been any new developments worth mentioning. A lot of "media" are getting the story out in one rehash or another along with plenty of conjecture or outright lies and misquotes. When I say media, I upsize those quotation marks. Apparently, doing random google searches and trying to tie a non-story together is considered journalism these days. 

At any rate the latest hilarity comes from a request by the ATF to take down some playful memes that Ares Armor have been putting up utilizing the surveillance footage from the raid. The reason being that it violates the officer's privacy. If you can't get a big hearty laugh from that then don't waste any money or time on comedy any time soon. You can see an innocuous memes below for some context if you haven't been following along. 


  1. just a typical shopper going about a store looking for merchandise.....nothing to see here, move on.....imho

  2. Supreme Court says: LEOs may be photographed or video recorded any time they are on duty. As public officials, they have no "reasonable expectation of privacy" in the commission of their duties.

    1. the ATF is above such petty decisions as the Supreme Court though, just ask them! They can even outright ignore constitutional rights!

  3. Keep exposing them, keep shaming them until they obey the Constitution they took an oath to defend.