Sunday, March 9, 2014

ArmaLite AR-50A1 Gets Free Advertising

We hadn't even seen the advertisement below put out by ArmaLite touting their recently released AR-50A1 as a work of art, along with Michaelangelo's David having it on hand. However, Italy's il Post is reporting that museum curators and even the country's Minister of Culture is asking the firearms manufacturer to withdraw their ad, in respect of their cultural dignity. 

The Minister of Culture points out that he will utilize moral suasion and bad publicity to initially persuade them to cease the campaign, however he extended the notion that this violates the law. If anything this just draws attention to this ad in the first place and we wouldn't have bothered posting this, since we probably would have given the playful marketing one glance and not had a second thought about it. Apparently, all of those works of art depicting war, slaughters, beheadings are just fine and dandy in some of the finest museums in the world, but throw in some modern firearms and things get crazy for some curator's sensibilities. We wish ArmaLite well in their free advertisements. 

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