Thursday, February 13, 2014

VERTX EDC Packs and Bags Available for Pre-Order

Six new packs and bags were launched at SHOT Show in the Vertx booth this year. We had a chance to see the ins and outs on each one and we don't think photos or video will quite do them justice, but they will help give you some concept of the depth put into the design. Vertx also released several unique accessories  including MOLLE compatible platforms allowing you you to attach any existing holsters, pouches, and other gear for easy organization with quick access on the loop faced panels within each pack and bag.

We have provided photos for each new product below along with corresponding video introductions. Each EDC Pack and Bag except the range model have a concealed loop lined PALS platform on the front face for attaching MOLLE accessorie as well as a reinforced pocket for inserts such as a ballistic plate. All models also feature a loop lined platform to mount your handgun and magazine holsters along with any other EDC accessories utilizing the MOLLE Adapter Panel System (MAPS) or direct attach MAK (Magazine and Kit) holders, BAP (Belt Adapter Panel), and MPH (Multi-Purpose Holster) options.
The A-Range Bag carries everything you need at the range with a unique garage deck including two drawers for ammo and spent brass. The front flap lays flat for a gun cleaning surface. A lock down cable system allows you to keep the bag within a vehicle preventing a quick smash and grab.

The EDC Gamut and EDC Gamut Plus are essentially the same everyday carry pack design with the Plus coming in at 2 inches wider for increased capacity. Each pack has a laptop pocket and flips completely open for access to your kit.
EDC Gamut Plus Internal

The EDC Courier is a low profile everyday carry multi-purpose bag. This is a great grab and go bag for daily professional use with shoulder and waist straps for a longer load carry.
EDC Courier

The EDC Satchel was designed to carry a standard SLR Camera and a discrete means to store your everyday carry tools. The bag has additional attachment points on the shoulder strap and an optional waist strap, which can be concealed when not in use. 


The EDC Commuter is a sling bag with an orbital strap design for easy back to front transitioning for access to your CCW or any other stored everyday carry items.
EDC Commuter Sling Bag

The MAK (Magazine and Kit) Standard and Full wrap around a pistol and rifle magazine respectively as well as any other EDC tool and can be direct connected to the loop panels within each pack or bag. The MPH Full and Sub have a similar concept, but are Multi-Purpose Holsters to carry Full and Sub-Compact handguns  respectively. 
MAK Full (Left), MAK Standard (Center), MPH Full
The MOLLE Adapter Panel System (MAPS) consists of three panels of differing sizes including the MAP Single, Double, and Quad, which designates the rows of attachment points for MOLLE compatible accessories. This allows you to utilize existing pouches and gear for attachment to each panel and organizing on the loop panels within each bag and pack. 
MOLLE Adapter Panel System
To round out the new selection, Vertx is now offering the BAP (Belt Adapter Panel), which allows you to attach belt holsters, mag pouches, and other MOLLE accessories for easy direct attachment and storage on the loop panels.
Belt Adapter Panel (Right)
All packs and bags are available in Black, Smoke Grey, and Black with Red Trim. Accessories are available just in the colors shown for each item. All products are estimated to be shipped in April with pre-orders for initial runs being taken immediately at

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