Friday, February 7, 2014

U.S. Army Moving Forward with UCP Camo on Permethrin Treated ACU Fabric Solicitation

It is a good thing that they are not outright deleting solicitations and starting fresh years later, however the U.S. Army has clarified that they will be moving forward with the Universal Camouflage Pattern for the latest solicitation requesting 15 Thousand yards of NYCO treated with Permethrin. The latest modifications state that they have decided to go with UCP as this allows the uniform manufacturer to use the trim and garment add-ons already on hand in the Universal Camouflage Pattern. Apparently, no MultiCam leftovers are hanging around to slap on and they don't want to pay to produce them. To clarify, they state that OCP is irrelevant to this effort.

We see a lot of conjecture from the media on what the U.S. Army is doing in relation to the Camouflage Improvement Effort along with the rehash on the money wasted to end up with UCP. Its interesting to see that this is what the Army is sticking with it and that they are not moving along more quickly with the pre-existing MultiCam pattern given their licensing efforts and the fact that any legislation should not prevent its use. The testing is done and the money is spent.

Perhaps the Army don't want to make an official decision that will be put under the media microscope, but to keep going with the status quo is bound to keep bringing on the same negative criticism of their camouflage efforts. See the full solicitation and modifications at

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