Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tactical Life Looks at the Evolution of the Remington 870

When I started this LE adventure, I didn’t even have a shotgun. Oh sure, I had trained with a shotgun in my first academy in 1982. Back then, we used the “ubiquitous” Remington 870 pump action. Usually shotguns were of the 18-inch-barreled, bead-sighted variety. The 12-gauge police fodder was 00 buckshot. We didn’t shoot slugs in LE at that time in the academy, and there was no such thing as a “reduced recoil” load. Smaller-statured male and female officers hated the “riot gun,” as it was called. Poor instruction on poor shooter technique, coupled with stout recoil, meant a lot of officers were bruised and battered. As I can remember, we were taught the “English” shotgun method—you racked the pump action, then fired in one motion and did not operate with a round in the chamber.
I continued to read, study and train after the academy to learn more about the firearms and tactical training I felt would help keep me alive. Work by former Gunsite Instructor Chuck Taylor and his The Combat Shotgun and Submachine Gun (Paladin Press, 1985) gave me a better understanding of the use of the 12-gauge pump shotgun. I learned about patterning and different shooting techniques from Taylor, and my skills and confidence improved tremendously.
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