Saturday, February 15, 2014

Slangvel Rolls Out MultiCam Arid

He was first to introduce MultiCam Tropic and now Slangvel has produced his great hats in the MultiCam Arid Pattern. Us desert dwellers can definitely get behind this pattern. Hopefully, the U.S. Army will soon as we can definitely see the potential for specific areas of need. You can order these hats direct through

MultiCam Arid Recce Boonie
MultiCam Arid Slangvel M43 Hat
MultiCam Arid Patrol Cap


  1. color looks cool as does the boonie but I just cant bring myself to like the look of the m43 hat - looks too bad guy "comi" to me...

  2. Can't wait tell the MC arid BDU'S come out. And yea the m43 dose look ''comi'' bad guy. Like the boonie though.