Sunday, February 16, 2014

SHOT SHOW Booth Mannequins

There isn't enough time in the course of the four days of SHOT Show to set appointments with all of the companies worth covering. Its been a month, since the show, but this was one topic we had meaning to conceptualize and a new video from CutleryLover put it into perspective for us. We do set a few meetings at SHOT Show for those companies we know we want indepth coverage and with a lot of great products to investigate. However, a lot of the information is garnered direct from the booths for live coverage from the show. This has its setbacks when Larry from shipping is trying to explain the latest product released, and he may have only seen it for himself over a few seconds. A lot of time the product speaks for itself, which can help a lot.

This isn't to knock anyone paying out good money to have a booth at the show as key players are probably in aforementioned meetings or the simple plethora of flesh passing through could be keeping the best product demonstrators from getting out the good info. We just felt this video below gives some insight as to what we can typically run into when trying to get the low down and provide our viewers with the information they are looking for.

SHOT Show is figuratively and literally a marathon when you add up the miles over four days. This combined with ill informed booth staff and shear magnitude of products on display makes it a fun and interesting venture to get to the good stuff. This isn't a cop out, but sometimes the facts may be skewed given the information provider dishing them out. We try to report what's right and provide accurate details, but even we can see how sometimes the details given just may not mesh with reality. 

Frankly, we can understand the shear work involved with manning a booth at SHOT Show combined with the evening festivities that Vegas has to offer. Its daunting to say the least, not to mention the little time they may get to check out the massive display put forth by the booths around them. There are plenty of hard workers that help make the show a great event to attend and I wouldn't dare call them mannequins

But, heres to you SHOT SHOW Booth Mannequins. You may not exactly know what is on display at your booth, but hopefully someone gave you a five minute spiel to save you from the ums and ahs inbetween every word. Hopefully that communicable disease you got from pressing flesh is curable and you had a quick recovery from answering the same question every 10 minutes, along with combating swag monkeys trying to pilfer your complete patch/sticker/catalog supply to sell on Ebay.

Thanks to those companies that make sure all staff are knowledgeable about the products their company offers. You greatly benefit your sales and marketing teams by best representing the product. 

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