Monday, February 3, 2014

Pre-Order Vertx Airflow Phantom OPS Pant

We have now opened the Vertx Phantom Ops Pant with Airflow for Pre-Order. You can see a quick video below explaining the new pant, which was introduced at SHOT Show 2014. This is the same Phantom Ops Pant, however it now integrates the Fighter Design Active Airflow System allowing for advanced evaporative cooling as you work. 

Vertx Airflow Phantom Ops Pant in OD
The Airflow concept allows air to be sucked into the pant through mesh panel at the calf to flow around your leg and out a mesh panel built into the cargo pocket, thus mitigating any swampy buildup. Its easy to be skeptical with a fairly simple concept until you feel the cool air flow as you walk and keep your pants dry and comfortable through the day. We are sure the lightweight 65/35 Poly/Cotton Mini-Ripstop fabric along with the Intellidry treatment helps in the overall process. Pre-Order the Vertx Airflow Phantom Ops Pant at

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