Sunday, February 23, 2014

Nutnfancy Covers Ares Armor in National City

We thought this was quite the interesting melding of pro-2nd amendment players with the garrulous Youtube celebrity Nutnfancy taking on issues facing Ares Armor in National City, CA. The case focuses on a company billboard displaying the likeness of an AR-15 causing an uproar with local politicians. Its worth watching to see what our friends in California are facing in the attacks on their rights to advertise their business and the legal products they sell. 

In addition Nutnfancy does a in-store promo showing off the various products offered by Ares Armor. We are big supporters of the company and have been carrying their products for quite some time at Predator Armament. We look forward to making a trip down to the new store in National City soon and wish them well in their fight. 

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