Monday, February 24, 2014

MultiCam Alpine in Action

Snow Camo patterns are often relegated to Overwhites or covers to act as a quick layer of concealment over a standard camo pattern or solid color utilized on anything being worn or carried. Battle Systems has now integrated the new MultiCam Alpine pattern into their MPIL (Marker Panel, Individual, Lightweight) MK1. On the apposing side they have their standard high-vis orange for quick recognition. There is a 2x2 hook patch to attach any IR identification. Paracord loops at the corners allow you to attach the panel to a pack or any other item. 

MPIL MK1 MultiCam Alpine
The MPIL folds up to easily stow in a pocket. MultiCam Alpine is only available in the 100% polyester Overwhite fabric and we can see this as a great complement to those MultiCam Alpine Overwhite Suits that we are sure will be coming down the line soon! The MPIL MK1 in Alpine is now available at

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