Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Marietta PD First with GLOCK G42

GLOCK, Inc. announced yesterday that the Marietta Police Department has adopted the G42 as their new back up and off duty pistol. They are swapping out their used GLOCK G27 inventory shaving off 12.7 ounces when fully loaded and nearly half an inch in length. Perhaps there is interest in the swap from .40 Cal. to .380 acp, but after the new G42 was well received upon initial firing from several reviewers, we think GLOCK knew exactly where their market was and are already showing their hand and much promise as Marietta PD picked up 100 pistols from GT Distributors after trading in their previous back up pistols received in 1998. 

In the release they establish that the Marietta Police Department Firearms Training Unit has a history of testing, evaluating, training, and putting to use the latest in useful/lifesaving technologies. In 1998, Marietta Police began issuing all officers back-up guns, something that only 7% of police agencies did in the US at that time according to an poll. In 2004, MPD became the first police agency to issue weapon mounted lights to ALL officers (not just SWAT) for use on their Glock 22 pistols. The firearms unit still receives several calls a month from police firearms trainers from the US and Canada seeking insight on equipping officers with pistol mounted lights. In 2008, all officers were issued a patrol rifle and red-dot optic to better respond to active shooter or other deadly threats from an increased distance. 

Marietta Police Officers will carry a Glock Model 22 Gen4 (.40 caliber) handgun with a pistol mounted light as their primary sidearm. They will have access to the new Glock Model 42 (.380) and Glock Model 27 Gen4 (.40 caliber) as a back-up / off duty handgun. 

Police Chief Flynn, noted, "We’ve seen a lot of hype around this new pistol in the law enforcement community,” said Chad Mathis, Vice President, GLOCK, Inc. “Our hope is that once the Marietta Police Department starts training their officers on the range they will spread the word on just how shootable and reliable the G42 proves to be.” GLOCK points out that the G42 is the smallest and lightest pistol in their product mix, which makes it easily concealed. Perhaps others will put their hopes for a 9mm aside for the shear satisfaction of having what is available now. 

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