Monday, February 17, 2014

Guns That Make You Go Hmmm...

We get it, shave some weight, cool aesthetic, but why a skeletonized receiver? Aero Precision makes some great receivers and they weigh practically nothing as it is. We don't mean to bash the company as they make great products and if it sales so be it. Aside from aesthetic, why would you want a Swiss cheese receiver?  It certainly isn't adding any durability or function. Obviously it takes more machining and would have to make that up with a higher price point. Afterall skeletonized triggers can cost an extra $60 for nothing other than a few tiny shards of metal carved out. Its not hard to be cynical when it comes to firearms "innovation", but some stuff just needs to be pointed out. By the way get one of their normal receivers now while you can. They are at great prices and you never know when some "panic" may suck up the inventory thus driving up prices again.