Friday, February 14, 2014

Fight and Flight Tactical: Mag Wallet

We are seeing a lot of great EDC/CCW designs for practical organization in your pocket. Fight and Flight have introduced their Mag Wallet, which does just that for pistol magazines. The best designs are typically simplistic and don't need an instruction manual. The Mag Wallet carries two pistol magazines with 5 different variants based on popular handgun styles including 1911, S&W MP-9 45, Glock 9mm or .40 S&W,  Glock 10mm or .45 ACP, as well as one style for M9, Sig P226, and Springfield XD-9 and 40. 

Fight and Flight Mag Wallet
Rather than simply holding two magazines, the Mag Wallet keeps them upright in your pocket for an easy reload and also has a pull tab to complete pull the entire set out of your pocket. The Mag Wallet puts your back pockets to use and allows the floorplates to ride up just outside the pocket. The top of the magazine pockets are bound with webbing to keep them open for an easy insertion and draw. Slip-Not fabric is incorporated to keep the wallet in your pocket when pulling a magazine. When seated a 1/32" HDPE plastic insert helps protects your posterior from indentation. They are now taking orders with the Mag Wallet available in Black, Coyote, and Foliage at:

Mag Wallet in Jeans

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