Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A-TACS FG Presidio Utility Jacket

We haven't seen A-TACS Camo hit the fashion scene till we came across Mobilized's new Presidio Utility Jacket featuring a NYCO fabric in the A-TACS FG pattern as part of their Garrison Series. The coat is Made in the USA at their shop in San Francisco, CA. The design is based on the combination of a workers jacket and sport coat. 

Presidio Utility Coat - A-TACS FG
Mobilized notes that they chose the camo because, "it does not immediately read as camouflage to the eye, often appearing as an  impressionistic print at first glance. It is also an interpretation of the WWII era jungle or frogskin camouflage pattern". See the full specs at

Presidio Utility Coat Rear

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