Friday, January 24, 2014

VLTOR VIS-SL Polylithic Upper

They were a little late to the game in releasing a handguard to market with their own KeyMod System, but VLTOR is going full bore with two new great lightweight selections introduced at SHOT SHOW with their VIS-KM Polylithic Upper and the CASV-KM. VLTOR makes some of the more popular firearms components in the industry and have now released the VLTOR VIS-SL Polylithic upper which features the KeyMod Direct Attachment System at the 6 and top 45 degree positions. 

The monolithic railed upper is constructed of two components bonded together prior to the machining of the top rail. This allows for a free floating barrel without the typical stress placed on the bolt and barrel extension points of the upper receiver. The handguard integrates handgrip stops and texturing at the key gripping points as well as 1913 Picatinny Rail sections at ideal attachment points. There is a wide flat base on the handguard for resting and can be removed to mount M203 Grenade Launcher. VLTOR has put an emphasis on bringing product to market and a better customer experience. Along with this focus they have launched a great new website where you can see the full details on the VIS-SL Polylithic Upper at

VLTOR VIS-SL Polylithic Upper

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