Sunday, January 19, 2014

Vertx A-Range Bag

We received an in-depth look at the new EDC Packs and Range Bags that will soon be offered by Vertx. The designs are very impressive and you can tell a lot of thought went into the details. The A-Rang Bag is everything you could want for carrying your shooting essentials. 

Vertx A-Range Bag
A front flap on the bag folds down revealing two mesh organizational pouches to secure your personal effects as well as two handled fabric drawers that slide into the base of the pack. Each drawer comes with a mesh bottom bag that can secure your ammunition or spent brass, but let debris fall free with a quick shake. The flap it self is lined with hook face and can double as a cleaning mat. 

The main compartment has a dual zipper closure that opens completely for access to internal storage. There are side pockets within the pack for organization. The entire bag can be locked down in your vehicle or wherever you take it utilizing an integrated lock down cable system. No one is making a quick get away with your range essentials when they are secured with a lock. The A-Range Bag comes complete with a 6 pistol mag pouch and will be available in Black and Smoke Grey. You can expect the full range of Vertx bags and packs before this summer. Pre-Order is now available at with first orders shipping in April. 

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