Tuesday, January 7, 2014

TrackingPoint Precision Guided Firearms in 5.56x45, 300BLK, and 7.62x51

The update on the TrackingPoint AR Series came much sooner than we expected as the complete line is being launched at the Consumer Electronics Show and full details will be provided at SHOT Show 2014 They will be covering the bases with their AR Series of Precision Guided Firearms with rifles chambered in 5.56x45/.223 Rem, 300BLK, and 7.62x51. 

TrackingPoint AR Series
TrackingPoint will be amping up production given their larger facilities and provide quicker turnarounds to meet the burgeoning demand for previous models and an expected influx in orders for the new popular calibers. For updates visit

TrackingPoint AR Line: 5.56, 300BLK, 7.62x51
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