Monday, January 13, 2014

The Odd Couple: Glock 40 Series

As you may know by now, Glock has introduced the G41 and G42. We happened the opportunity to shoot both today and they are great guns. Obviously, there is the question as to why on a .380  ACP rather than 9mm for their first single stack and the simple answer is business. There are plenty of Glock lovers that have one or several 9mm pistols from Glock and having the opportunity to produce a .380 version in the U.S. and compete with other manufactures just makes sense money wise. 

Glock G42 (Bottom) - Glock G41 (Other)
Those with a 9mm will consider the .380 option now as a "backup" or something to add to the collection rather than immediately picking up a single stack 9mm. As for the G41 in .45 ACP, it is a great pistol and will be perfect for competitive shooters seeking accuracy. They were both fun to shoot and can see the merits in either. If you think Glock is beyond marketing genius then you may be surprised at their sales figures on these two and their future endeavors. 

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