Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tavor SAR Updates for 2014

We had expected a lot of new Bullpup news for 2014 and the IWI is at the forefront in offering upgrades and aftermarket accessories for their popular Tavor SAR. They have now announced their 9mm conversion kits are finally shipping to distributors offering a 17" barrel and comes complete with a Colt AR 32 Round magazine at an MSRP of $899.99. Below you can view a video released by Hank Strange late last year showing the 9mm conversion kit in use. 

IWI Tavor SAR 9mm Conversion Kit

Today Midwest Industries showed off their new KeyMod Handguard that they have in the works for the Tavor SR. It will have the capability to integrate a weapon light within the handguard.  Clearly most of the top row of KeyMod slots were integrated for weight savings or aesthetic. 

Midwest Industries Tavor KeyMod Handguard
Jerking the Trigger also got the scoop on a Geissele Drop-In Trigger being developed for the Tavor SAR, so clearly things are taking off for great after market improvements on the popular bullpup.

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