Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tactical Tailor Advises American Industrial Might is not Dead

Citizens of this great nation have been bombarded with news that United States manufacturing is atrophied, if not on an outright spiraling decline. Though this may in fact be true in certain part of the country in specific industries, it is certainly not the case everywhere - and most definitely not the case in the Seattle area!

Pay attention Detroit! Tactical Tailor and the Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition (PNDC) are at the spearhead of a nascent Renaissance in American industrial manufacturing might. 

In order to keep up with military contract requirements and citizen demand, we have vastly increased production times, with commensurate supplementation of quality control and supervisory measures. Tactical Tailor’s factory and assembly areas are now running 6 days per week—12 hours per day during the week and 8 hours on Saturdays. 

The factory was previously running just 0630L to 1430L Monday through Friday. 

Tactical Tailor, which recently earned the prestigious PNDC Member of the Year Award, will continue to run lean and build mean. We will maintain the same Kaizen and Kaban/JIT Lean Manufacturing Techniques and Advanced Quality Planning Control Processes, known colloquially as Control Plans, First Article Inspection and Process Capability. We will continue to keep the lessons of Clausewitz, Sun Tzu and Maurice Sendak in mind and most of all we shall remember, regardless of our ops tempo, that American Warfighters’ lives may depend on the quality of our work once they step outside the wire.

For you knuckle-draggers, that means everything still gets fit tested with a mag, radio or dummy grenade and thoroughly QCed before it goes out the door.  Rest assured if you’re Joe Snuffy, rifleman, last man on the left flank and the last one to be issued something, your gearwill always do what it’s designed to do with bomb proof Tactical Tailor quality that is guaranteed for life. Savvy?

Check out the Tactical Tailor website, their Facebook page or YouTube Channel.

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