Friday, January 3, 2014

Skydex Battle Trainer Shoe Overview

We received a pair of the Battle Trainers from Skydex back in October and have been wearing them around ever since. Skydex got their start developing components for athletic shoes and morphed into all forms of impact protection from products that guard the joints to military vehicle seat cushions that buffer against vibration and impact.

Their patented Twin Hemisphere technology has been carried over to the heel of their own Skydex Battle Trainer shoe providing protection to the legs, hips, and back from impact at the key strike point for most runners. They also integrated their Squares Technology in the forefoot providing support and protection from the forces of propulsion. I only run on my forefoot, so I can’t give much validity to the protection provided at the heel. However, after a quick run right out of the box, I could certainly feel the cushion at the foot strike and push off points of impact. 

The Battle Trainer was developed for physical training and integrates a small patch at the heel which can be interchanged for personalization and comes in a great looking Desert Digital Camo giving a military slant for overall aesthetics. We provided a quick video below, so you can see the key features up close. The shoe is very lightweight given its laminate welded fabric upper, so I could certainly understand why someone would want to utilize this shoe on decent runs as well as working out in the gym or in the field. 

The rubber outsole has very rugged lugs providing traction for trail and mountain runs. This where I could see myself using these shoes more often. A large bumper covers your big toe and tapers down over your other toes providing protection from rocks and other objects you may kick along the way. They are a tad heavier than my typical Brooks Ghost running shoes, but it is all relative when you are around 12 ounces. They also have less exposed fabric in comparison for easy airflow, which can heat up your feet from extended wear. They do breathe well, however I wouldn't be taking these on 10+ mile runs due to those two factors.

Skydex Battle Trainer
Additional features include an EVA midsole, which is fairly standard for a comfortable ride as well as a PEEVA Sockliner offering a good fit. Overall these are a great hybrid training shoe for the street or trail. They are designed to be worn in areas meant for a boot and I do notice the added ankle support over a typical running shoe. Given the comfort factor I could see myself wearing these rather than a typical tennis shoe everyday tasks. Some may get hung up on the camo aesthetic, but it is less pronounced given the majority of the shoe is a darker tan. Skydex did a great job on their initial shoe and we look forward to their future designs. The price point is outstanding at $79.95 given all of the features integrated and having talked with those in the know on show pricing, they were blown away with the price for the Battle Trainer. You can order the Battle Trainer directly at

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