Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New VLTOR KeyMod Handguards and Firearms

We had the chance to talk with a representative from VLTOR about their latest products at SHOT Show and they have a lot of great offerings on hand. She noted that they have taken so long to come to market with a handguard featuring their own KeyMod Direct Attachement System as previous models would get far to hot after several rounds were fired from the rifle. VLTOR has fixed the problem and you can now expect a blitzkrieg of VLTOR KeyMod products to hit the market including nine new rifles (VLTOR Weapon System - VWS), several great handguard options for AR-15/M4 and SCAR rifles, as well as a  Polylithic Upper w/ KeyMod called the VIS-KM.

VLTOR VWS Praetorian
We have provided photos for all of VLTOR's new Rifles and SBR selections. The VWS Warrior firearms utilize the VIS-KM Polylithic Upper, while the VWS Defender firearms have the CASV-KM Free Float Handguards. The VWS Praetorian has the VIS-KM10 Polylithic Upper and can be customized to meet the need of Law Enforcement agencies, but is also available to civilians in its standard configuration.

VLTOR Warrior and Defender XVI
VLTOR Defender and Warrior IX and XII (left to right)

VLTOR Warrior and Defender VII
VLTOR VIS-KM Polylithic Upper with KeyMod
There will be five lengths for the VIS-KM Polylitic Upper ranging from 15" to 21.5" with weights starting at 16.5 ounces up to 24.1 ounces. The handguards range from 7" to 15". The VLTOR KeyMod Handguard line also includes the CASV-KM Free Float Hanguards with Keymod. The front top section is cut out for the CAS-FS Flip Sight. The CASV-KM are available in 8, 9, and 10 inch models with OAL starting at 13.85". Weight starts at 12.45 ounces. The lower handguard can be removed on all options for under mount devices. 

CASV-KM Handguards KM8, KM9, KM10 (top to bottom)
As you would expect, VLTOR will also have KeyMod compatible accessories. At the time, they just at a flashlight mount on hand, however you can expect rail segments among other options that will be compatible with any handguard featuring the KeyMod system. 

VLTOR KeyMod Flashlight Mount
VLTOR also developed a CASV-KM model for the SCAR including the extender.

Its a lot to take in, but if that is not enough, they also now have a KeyMod Hanguard on their MGL-140AV and MSGL-105 Multi Shot Grenade Launchers.
Abrams MGL-AV40
VLTOR is making a big improvement across the board in the customer service department for dealers, distributors, and direct sales. They will have a new ecommerce site and are looking for quicker delivery times and a better overall experience. With the great new products they are offering, we are excited to see the enthusiasm in getting them out to the public. You can find the complete product catalog below of your own quick perusal and to view the complete specs on all of the new firearms from VLTOR. 

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