Monday, January 13, 2014

New SOG Knives for SHOT Show 2014

We found SOG Knives back in the crazy corner again at Range Day. Apparently, when you have tomahawk throwing on hand, they want you well clear of the masses. They had a few new product on hand, however you can expect to see more coverage once the official show opens. To kick things off they have a new entrenching tool simply known as SOG E-Tool. The polymer shovel handle unscrews revealing a saw that can be reversed and screwed back into place for easy sawing utilizing the shovel handle. 

SOG E-Tool
SOG is releasing two new assisted opening knives call the Zoom and Mini Zoom with an ergonomic grip and speedy flip.
SOG Zoom and Mini Zoom
Expanding on their Hunting Line as well as their flashlight combo, SOG is introducing the Bladelight Hunt utilizing the same technology, but with the hunter aesthetic. We also got word that they will be releasing their first filet knife as well as a camping knife.
Bladelight Hunt (Bottom)

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