Saturday, January 18, 2014

Midwest Industries at SHOT Show 2014

There were only a few aftermarket parts for the Tavor SAR at SHOT Show and aside from triggers, Midwest Industries was the only manufacturer to have a product on hand with their Tavor Handguard, which integrates the KeyMod Direct Attachment System. 

Midwest Industries Tavor SAR Handguard
The Tavor SAR Handguard shown here is the initial version with a light integrated model to soon follow. Midwest Industries also had the first Drop-In KeyMod Handguards on hand, which are already shipping. We wanted a video demo for you since they are so quick to install, but they pinned in the handguard since there are a lot of sticky fingers around the show. Unfortunately at an industry only event, theft is still a problem. 

MI K-Series Drop-In KeyMod Handguard
Midwest Industries is branching out into all AR-15 parts and were showing off their new AR Billet Receiver set. They are a great looking product at a good value. 
Midwest Industries AR Billet Upper and Lower Set
They also had their K-Series free float and AK handguard on hand featuring the KeyMod system.

Midwest Industries AK47/74 Handguard w/ KeyMod

Midwest Industries SSK-KeyMod Free Float Handguard
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