Thursday, January 2, 2014

Lawman is Back: The Lost Season Tonight!

I can't think of any way better to kick of the New Year than watching Sheriff Joe with his sidekick Steven Seagal. Assuredly they will be breaking up cockfights, tracking down drug dealers, and who knows what other hijinks they cook up driving around town in their APC, fighting crime, and saving the animals through euthanasia. Jesus Llovera whose home was targeted for a sheriff's raid during a filming of the series, filed a lawsuit against Sheriff Arpaio and Steven Seagal, among others. He was under suspicion of taking part in cock fights. A&E subsequently dropped the series almost two years ago just before they were supposed to air the third season. Clearly they don't appreciate such badassery or perhaps weary of potential lawsuits. The series will continue with the unseen episodes now known as "Lawman: The Lost Season", which will air tonight at 10PM EST on Reelz. A station that knows ratings gold when they see it. 

We provided an excerpt from the lawsuit Llovera filed, which may give you a glimpse of what to expect from the upcoming episodes. If you don't have time to read, just skip to the last sentence from the excerpt for a good hardy chuckle. Llovera dropped the case earlier this year and must have signed the release for $some reason$, unless their is some fancy loophole Steven Seagal found through is stellar detective work. You can also find the trailer directly below for some teaser snippets. 

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Excerpt from: Jesus Sanchez Llovera, Plaintiff  vs. Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Joseph Arpaio, Steven Seagal, et. al.

Pursuant to a media production contract between MCSO (executed by Sheriff Arpaio) and Steven Seagal’s production company, Seagal and his producers were embedded among MCSO’s Tactical Operations Unit as they blasted onto Mr. Llovera’s property.29. MCSO used a Lenco Bear armored truck to smash through a gated driveway on the north end of Mr. Llovera’s property. Seagal’s producers and cameramen joined MCSO deputies in the Lenco Bear armored truck A V-150 tank pulverized a thirty-foot iron gate on the south end of Mr. Llovera’s property. Seagal joined MCSO deputies in the V-150 tank and was armed withan automatic assault rifle, along with a sidearm. Seagal’s producers attached a stationary camera inside the V-150 tank.31. 

At least thirty armored MCSO Tactical Operations Unit personnel rushed Mr. Llovera’s home. Each officer was outfitted in full riot gear consisting of shoulder pads, steel plates on their chest and back, a Kevlar helmet, goggles, ear and eye protection and a shield. Every officer also carried a weapon, either a Kimber .45 caliber handgun or an M4 Colt Commando fully automatic rifle.32. Ear-crushing diversionary bombs were deployed by deputies as they exited the V-150 tank.Mr. Llovera’s peacocks, guineas, dogs, sheep, goats, roosters, hens and chicks ran for cover. Seven K-9 units swarmed Mr. Llovera’s property while the MCSO bomb robot led the search for Mr. Llovera, an unarmed chicken farmer. 

The MSCO Tactical Operation Unit’s entry team smashed the front door of Mr. Llovera’s home with a door ram. The window team entered Mr. Llovera’s home by shattering a picture window in the living room, as well as a window in Mr. Llovera’s seven-year-old daughter’s room. The rake and break team stood by ready to cut the power supply to Mr. Llovera’s home. MCSO deputies announced their presence over a loudspeaker after deputies were inside Mr. Llovera’s home.

Seagal’s production company captured the drama, as it unfolded, from various cameras positioned outside of Mr. Llovera’s home, and inside the V-150 tank and Lenco Bear armored truck MCSO deputies found Mr. Llovera inside his homealone and unarmed dialing 911 on his cell phone. Mr. Llovera had just awoken from his nap to find his home demolished and fully armed MCSO deputies pointing guns at his face. Mr. Llovera didnot resist arrest and was fully cooperative with MCSO deputies.35. MCSO deputies hauled Mr. Llovera from his home and strategically pulled him to an open area in his front yard where deputies placed zip-tie cuffs on his wrists, fully within the view of Seagal’s cameras. Mr. Llovera was escorted across the street from his home. Still clearly dazed and confused, Seagal’s producers badgered Mr. Llovera to sign a release form so that they could enter his property and capture footage for Lawman. Mr. Llovera refused to sign the release form. 

MCSO’s criminal “investigation” was nothing more than a ministerial exercise to carry out a foregone conclusion. Arpaio wanted to subject Mr. Llovera to a very public and humiliating arrest in front of Seagal’s cameras, even though he knew that Mr. Llovera had not violated any criminal statutes. Nevertheless, Arpaio launched a high-profile criminal investigation and executed a full-scale military style attack (including tanks, diversionary bombs, guns and an aging and overweight action hero) on Mr. Llovera’s home. 

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