Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Intelligent Armor: Ballistic Clipboard

We like the addition of irregular ballistic protection in the marketplace. Plenty of manufacturers are putting out ballistic backpacks and now Intelligent Armour is expanding on the shield concept with their Ballistic Clipboard with NIJ Level IIIA protection. The Clipboard was developed for a UK Government Department with undercover use in mind by those that normally need a clipboard in their daily activities and can double for close quarter protection. 

Intelligent Armour: Ballistic Clipboard
The Ballistic Clipboard is manufactured with a 1mm carbon fiber shell with a Dyneema Core and soft rubber edging. It weighs in at 2.86 pounds and has a laser engraved clip. Obviously they are not intending this to be your own protection, but we can definitely see the multipurpose use as another layer of protect. Slide it in to a backpack hydro sleeve and you can have a makeshift shield or more likely just use it as a firm backing for your daily paperwork with a little added piece of mind. Ordering is available at: 

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